Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Follow Up w/ Dr. Newell

Today was the follow up appointment with Dr. Newell to make sure the shunt setting was still good and Scott is on track with recovery.

Most important thing we learned: We don't have to go back for 6 MONTHS!!!!

All went well! His shunt setting is to stay the same. The bubble is almost gone, with just a small amount by his left eye. The doctor said that it's fluid and muscle from the bone flap replacement surgery, which is why it's taking longer. He said that in a few months he expects it to be gone. It go faster, if Scott keeps pressure over the fluid. Back to the athletic cap in the evenings pulled down nice and low, for the authentic thug look :)

Scott got a Full Medical Release today! He now gets to work with Hillary at the Y to get on a stricter work out plan. YAY progression! They were very impressed to hear he does a 4 mile jog twice a week along with lifting and cardio at the Y.

Next Monday he has an appointment with the neurologist here in town. We were actually given some good question to direct to this doctor, so I'm looking forward to that... I wonder if when the doctors see Scott's name they think, 'Oh crap he has that wife who always comes with a list of questions!' Today Scott was making fun of me for having so many and I said, "Hey they are the ones who trained me to be like this!"

Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week Scott and I went to a stroke support group. He wasn't very excited about going but it was very helpful for me. They had speaker come in and talk about health insurance and medicare. Although Scott has great insurance, I do not. So I will share some info I got.
If you live in Washington and have to get health insurance outside of work you can there's a group that will help you for FREE! SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisers) they will look at all plans in Washington and help you get what's best for your needs. they also help with prescription drug programs if your on a bunch of meds. ALSO if you know anyone who has Medicare, give them this info and have them look at their plan between Nov 15th -Dec 31st. Come Jan 1 they will be locked into whatever they have for the year.... I learned so much about the system it was amazing. I'm going to make sure my grandma gets with an advisor to make sure she knows what she has.... Sorry for the rant...here's the info:
SHIBA: 1-800-562-6900 OR www.insurance.wa.gov

Scott's doing so well with the shunt setting being changed. The extra fluid on the outside of the bone flap is finally going and staying down! He's finally back in the pool and lifting weights. With the kids in school now were pretty much running from morning til night too. So life on the road to recovery is GOOD :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Appointment w/ Dr. Newell

On Monday we went for another follow up appointment with Dr. Newell
(this is a copy from the family blog)

What fun having multiple appointments in one day all spread out...

Scott had a shuntogram to test how the shunt is working. He came back saying "I never want to do that again! They shaved the back of my head and stuck a 4 inch needle in it!"

They have to inject gamaradiation into the shunt and watch the flow. They were nice enough to numb the spot 1st, which felt like ice cold water being injected into his head. After that was the 4 inch needle with the gamaradiation. Followed up with the pain & heartache of laying in the fetal position. (wow it's really fun to write this together while chilling waiting for the next appointment). The only thing to the pass the time was watching a small computer screen on the other side of the room to see the super slow drain of the shunt... now is the fun of guessing what that means, will it be turned up or replaced... no bets please, you'll have the answer if you keep reading lol.

After that he was lucky enough to have his CT done early. YAY one procedure in this hospital he likes. It's fast and easy. Lay down on the board have a camera circle your head for a few minute, get up and your done. Nice and Easy! The lady was laughing when she took him back and we were joking about how much he likes to have a CT.

This appointment with Dr. Newell was a good one. They talked with us a bit, turned the shunt from a 1.5 flow to a 0.5 flow. We go back in about 6 weeks to check if the flow needs to be changed again. He does have to wear a fun athletic cap to keep pressure on the outside of his skull. It will force the fluid through the shunt and allow the skin to tighten. Mostly he needs to wear it when he's laying down.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sorry there has been such a delay in this blog.

Scott is doing well. We knew that if all went well then we would be leaving the hospital on Saturday afternoon. That is what we did! Yay a surgery for Scott that went as planned!

Scott goes back to Swedish to have the staples removed on Friday morning and then he has a follow up appointment from this surgery on September 13th.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A few things

Now that we have had a few days to process the whole 'you get to go back to the hospital' we both can see a few positives... BUT this is not hiding the fact that Scott is NOT happy about going back under the knife to have his brain messed with. And well I'm not looking forward to staying in a hospital over night again either.

BUT on a happy note: The fact that the excess fluid was caught before it caused any damage or problems is huge! The fact the fluid can be relieve is a relief :). The fact that Scott's going into this pain med free and wont have to take more to mask the new pains he may have, all good. Although it would have been nice to have this done while we were in the hospital or at least been told about it, having it done now is better than having it done as Scott was getting ready to go back to work or the kids just starting school. I'm sure there are more that Scott and I have come up with but I can't think of them now.

Next week we head back to Seattle. I'll continue trying to keep our family blog up to date on the family happenings. GRRRR ARGHHHH!!!!! I'm not sure that any of us were expecting that Scott would be back in the hospital again, but at least this is a planned surgery and not an emergency, which we have learned is much better!!!!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the Hospital

It was not in the plan to go back for a stay in the hospital, but hey when do things ever go according to plan?

On august 12th, Scott will be going in to have a ventricular peritoneal shunt (VP shunt). This is a long thin tube that starts in his brain with about 2 inches going into the brain and ends in his stomach. The start has tiny holes that absorb the cerebral fluid around the brain then has a larger pocket that holds a magnet which regulates the fluid disbursing into the stomach. This will be located in the back of his head and is sensitive to strong magnetic fields, like if he has an MRI it will have to be reset by the neurosurgeon.
We have to go in on the 11th for a stealth CT before surgery due to the need for different imaging and being able to place the tube. (We won’t have the time for any of these until its closer to the date)

The reason he has to have this placement… The fluid build up that is visible on the right side of his head is only a portion of the excess fluid. Dr. Newell said based on his CT today, there is fluid under the prosthesis bone flap as well. His brain is not absorbing cerebral fluid where the bleed was, which causes the excess. There is also still fluid from the surgery that has not absorbed. They have an option where they do a spinal tap and wrap the head to force fluid to leave the body through the spin. This is a one time procedure, but in Scott’s case they believe the fluid will just return due to the spot (I don’t know how large it is) that is not absorbing and probably never will.

The surgery will take about 1-2 hours with 1-1 ½ hours in recovery, then 2 days in observation. They said usually 1 day in ICU and 1 day in medical room. Oh how fun an over night stay on each floor. We actually visited each floor between the CT & the check up thinking we wouldn’t be back…not sure we’ll do that again…ha…ha…
Scott’s now feeling the 1 step forward, 10 steps back that we felt for so many days in the ICU. It was shocking to hear that surgery was needed again. The post surgery effects were even worse. They said to expect headaches and stomach discomfort for possibly a month as the fluid drains and the tubing finds a home in his stomach. He wont be able to lift anything more than 5lbs for 3-6 weeks and no swimming until the wounds are totally healed. These are all the things we have been doing the past few weeks to get him stronger. At least we had a nice long up hill climb before they down hill today. Let’s hope that the next few weeks all the hills will be nice and small.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Final thoughts from the Cruickshanks

Here are Cora, Coby and Scott's final thoughts of his hospital stay.

1. I like meeting new people. (nurses and patients)
2. Having all the drinks I want!
3. I like helping the nurses get things.
4. Coby I like all 3 therapies, even occupational!

1. I like seeing all the friends that come to visit my dad.
2. I really like going to therapy. (which one?) um Physical Therapy and Speech!

Scott's words of wisdom regarding Hospitals:
~Nurses can't tell time before 7am
~Hospitals have their own agenda.
~I DO NOT recommend long hospital stays! If you find yourself in one, get out ASAP!


Scott had decided with his hospital stay coming to an end he is no longer wants a blog devoted to him. We invite you to follow our family blog @ http://www.scott-diane.blogspot.com/

Thank You for the Love and Constant Thoughts and Prayer that have been poured on our entire family in this extremely traumatic situation! I have had many people share with me some of the medical trials they have endured as families. Each starts with it's no where near what you're going through... NO matter what the trail is in your life, it is real and it is hard for you. Please do not think what we are going through is more than what you face! It is only different!
Much Love and Warm Wishes to each of you that read this blog, Diane

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 73, Diane

It's almost day 74 Which is the day Scott leaves hospital living! I can't hide my joy! I am so excited that we're going home to live as a family again. The kids are so excited that we will all be home again as a family. Scott is so excited to get out of the hospital and have his family again. SO MUCH JOY!

Since Scott has learn he has an end date for being in the hospital and then going home and having it go so well he is a new man. He is now treating all the staff how as he has treated people he knew pre-injury. The easiest way to explain this is, he started interacting more with his nurses and especially his therapists. After being in the hospital so long being told what to do all the time he became very introverted where staff was concerned. Not now, he laughs and jokes with them just like with eveyone else. He has progressed so much in the last week, it is amazing.

With heading home he's moves to the in-home therapy phase. We are hoping to move through this stage quickly and start out-patient therapies so he can came to the clinic and progress faster... which will still be slower than Scott will like :)

In the real morning, not the middle of the night morning, I'll get words of wisdom from Scott, Coby and Cora to post, as for now I'll share a phrase I learned at work today.
The Wenatchee YMCA had a Centennial luncheon where Mac Bledsoe (father of Drew Bledsoe the NFL quarterback) was the key note speaker. He shared many great and inspirational things, but the one that stuck out the most was this:
"The ideas in your head, rule your world"
If you want more info on Mac Bledsoe, he truly is an inspiring man, his website is: parentingwithdignity.com

At this time in our lives, I think this will be a new family motto.
Scott will have a full recovery! It will be sooner than the 'typical' brain injury patient!
Cuz dang it he goes home, well TODAY!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Post by Betsy

This will be my final post on Scott's recovery blog. I am thankful that I started this blog for all who know and love Booger. I started this to help Diane not feel overwhelmed by trying to keep everyone up to date and I hope that it helped Booger also.

As he approaches going back home, I will pass this off to Scott and Diane to keep you all informed on his progress.

I can not begin to express how thankful I am to everyone who has read and commented on this blog. I am thankful for every single prayer and thought that came our way.

Booger, I love you and can not be happier that you are still with us. I did this because I love you and always will. Thanks for being a GREAT brother!! Can't wait to enjoy many more, happy times with you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 70

Today only an hour total of therapy. But it is work. He was jogging and hopping through the halls. I guess the halls out side of a rehabilitation gym are not the same as school halls. Good thing the kids didn't see that dad gets to 'run' in the halls.

Happy Fathers Day to all the papa's out there following the blog.
Seriously another holiday in the hospital? At least he'll be out for the 4th of July! Yay this year the bombs bursting in air will have a little more meaning to them for our little family... like freedom from hospitals lol

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 69

Scott says the home eval went well. I say it was amazing!
For anyone who's been to our house, you know it's full of stairs inside and out! I was really worried. I thought we would have to set up a make shift bedroom in our living room... NOT the case... he navigates stairs very well! No problems going up to our room, hooray. We wont have to make any changes to the house for him other than an extra hand rail on the bathtub.
It was so exciting seeing Scott chill in his chair. I can't wait in 5 days he'll be there all the time!
Our drive way & back yard were also concerns. The driveway is extremely steep and the back yard is full of hills and stone steps. He walked around enjoying the scene (slowly) without any troubles.
The rest of the time he's here the therapists will be working on helping him get stronger based on what they saw at the house today. Oh this is so exciting! It's so wonderful to see his body catching up to his mind. I still am shocked at how he has remained the same person mentally after such a traumatic brain injury. He sure may look different... hehee mountain man Scott... but his personality is not different.


Whoa...is this really me here? Yup, Betsy's doing a post. It's been nice since Booger's been back in Wenatchee and mom can go see him every day. Then I get the updates from her and don't have to bug Diane anymore. ;) We got to see him last Tuesday and Wednesday for a bit and it was great to see him up more. Of course, my favorite part was trying to pop wheelies in his wheelchair. Not cool, I know. But, how could I resist?

Diane asked me to post a couple pictures of Scott so people can see what he looks like. As everyone can probably assume, the dude's lost some weight. Then there's the major, obvious change goin' on....um....the mountain man look! Since he has to wear a face mask for work, he's never been able to grow a full beard and let me tell you, that guy can grow one. Just like our dad's was, it's full and thick, with a tad bit of Scottish red in it. Mix that with the head look he's sporting, just slightly different than pre-April 8th.

Booger, keep that up and I'm gonna make you dye it white for Christmas and put on the Santa suit mom made. And watch out Diane, we've still got the Mrs. C (no pun intended) outfit for you!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 68

Insurance is kicking Scott out on next Wednesday the 23rd! Yay for insurance companies.
The plan is:
~Home evaluation in the morning. This will help us determine what we need to do to get the house ready for Scott.
~All his remaining rehabs will be in focus to get him ready for being in our home.
~ At home he will be considered in-home-rehab, meaning therapists will come to the house 2-3 times a week to help him continue to progress.
~ Then he moves to out-patient rehab where he will come here 3 times a week, decreasing as he gets better.
~ And eventually life back to normal:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 68

Wow it's not even 5pm and Scott has had a huge day! The outing to the eye doctor went very well. So the explanation I promised to get... Keratoconus is a deterioration of the cornea causing the round shape of the cornea to change to a cone shape. Light enters the eye differently causing blurry vision. 20/20 vision is only possible with gas-perm contacts for his right eye that has this, but we're not looking for 20/20 we're looking for improved to progress in rehab (for more info do a google search on keratoconus) The glasses should be here by Wednesday and if we're super lucky his medical insurance will pick up the cost, because they are really only a therapy tool in getting him better (his vision insurance is different than medical & I don't want to use the coverage for glasses that wont be used for years when I know we will be going back to gas-perms once recovery is complete).

Speaking of insurance... it make the world go round you know... I have had a few conversations lately with friends and a concern has been brought up that I think I should address. We/I am very fortunate that Scott has disability insurance and great health insurance. Both of which his Employer Cascade Auto Center has picked up/continued paying so we don't have the added expense of maintaining premiums. This along with cashing out vacation and added help from our church has made it possible for me to stay by Scott's side. We have been extremely fortunate in this not so fortunate experience.

I have not heard results from the EEG, which brings me back to the good old days of no news is good news. They haven't rushed in with seizure meds so I'm assuming we're good until they tell me other wise. Given Scott's schedule today he Rocked PT & OT today!
His schedule today: 8am Breakfast ~ 9am eye exam ~ 10-11:30 EEG appointment ~ noon lunch ~ 1-2pm PT ~ 2-3pm OT ~ Rest (happening right now)~ 5pm Dinner ~ 6-7pm ST ~ PASS OUT for the night lol

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 67

It has been an interesting weekend. On Friday it was decided they would try to take him off the seizure medicine because the side effect has been an increased tremor in his right hand. It finally got to the point where his therapies were effected.
But why does he have to be on seizure meds? Will he always? After a patient has a brain hemorrhage they always go on seizure medicine, typical length of time 6 months. After seeing that these meds are causing side effects the question became are they really needed? Back in the day... at Swedish he was on Keppra for seizures, side effect pancreas levels raise causing extreme stomach pain that kept him from eating for days! They switched to Dilantan which side effects are now showing. (meds spelled as they sound, probably not how they're really spelled) So he has been off all seizure meds since Friday and will have an EEG of his brain in the morning to see if he has had a seizure. Let's hope and pray for a NO, we really want him to be able to stay off any kind of seizure medicine since they seem to cause the most trouble.

On a happy note, he gets to go for an eye exam in the morning. It has been decided that getting temporary glasses to help him see for rehab is better than waiting until his eyes regulate on their own. He does have some previous vision concerns that I'll try to get better clarified so it makes sense when I post lol. Typically they don't allow patients to go for eye exams of any kind, because it's not so much a vision problem as it is the eyes and brain are having to relearn how to send signals. In Scott's case he needs glasses to help his brain progress with this process.

No one has said Scott is typical through this intire ordeal :) Diane

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 64, Diane

Sorry yesterday got away from me and I never had a chance to post. That's the hard part of sharing the computer with the kids. When I have time to type, they want to play.

The Social Worker came and talked to us. She says Scott is still progressing well. One of the things I learned is that to stay as in-patient (at the hospital) he has to still require 2 of the 3 therapies. He still requires all 3 so we will be here another week. Very possibly more! His seizure medicine is giving him side effects and so the medical staff is working on that. It's very annoying to Scott, he just wants to get through therapy and get to out-patient (home but coming in during the week). Adding the extra 1/2 hour of PT has made his endurance go down for all therapies....DUH!

A term that is used in OT & a lot in ST is scanning. I finally asked what it means. To me it was seeing everything in view, I soon realized it must be much more with how they use this term. Scanning means: seeing what's in your visual field then interpreting it so your brain understands everything it's seeing. The brain has to relearn attention to detail. Decide what language you use to describe the info the eyes give. Decide what sequence things may happen in to get this end result or the end result you want. BASICALLY scanning is EVERYTHING you do without thinking ALL DAY LONG! Wow that's rough!
Let's see... something easy we do that is a HUGE process for Scott... I want to brush my teeth. Where would the toothbrush be? Ah sink, I need to call for help to get there. Can I stand or am I too tired so I need to sit. Help comes I say I need to sit to brush my teeth. Out of bed I go into the chair & now I'm more tired. Let's see oh yes toothbrush, where would it be? Look for the bag with all the grooming supplies. Ah toothbrush in hand. Did I pass the toothpaste in there? Ah here it is. Put some on the brush and now turn the water on. Yay it's time to brush, then spit and get mouth wash to swish. Put everything away. Where that bag again? Ah yes it's all put away. Turn to whoever helped you get here to ask for help to get back in bed.
Are you as exhausted reading this as I am from writing it? Now take that experience on something so simple multiply it by your whole day and that should give you an idea of what Scott goes through. Oh wait don't forget to add the fact that majority of what you see is blurry!
... Sorry I hope this reads as informational and not the rant that is it :) because I know I was a little annoyed with not getting a yes or no to if we're on track to be here only another week? So we continue on with our goal of getting out ASAP even if it may not be as soon as we hoped.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 62, Diane

Today marks the 2 full months since this 1st happened and for this anniversary Scott got to walk outside for the 1st first time! He also got to get in Vader (our car) but only sit for a few minutes...how rude lol
For PT today she had a series of tests outside she had him do. Including getting into our car, stepping up & down on curbs and walking up & down hills. He did very well. After this he navigated his way back to the gym on the 4th floor. He was able to get on the treadmill and walk slowly to help get his stride longer. Today was the 1st day he did 1 & 1/2 hours of PT all at once. Scott says, "It was brutal!" Luckily it was at the end of his day so he got to sleep it off.
I missed ST today because it was Coby's family BBQ day at school and he really wanted me and Cora there. Scott say's "It was fine. There was a new person." That's all I got :) OT was just a 1/2 hour of getting ready for the day since he had a long PT. He's doing very well with getting totally ready, he only needs assistance to move around. All this helps him get closer to coming home. Another step in Scott getting better was this morning, he asked if I was going to go to work again. I laughed and said, I'm sure as soon as we're ready they'd be happy for me to help. He's says we're ready so tomorrow night I'm going to work for the 1st time in two months...wow that seems very weird. I know he can't wait for the day that he gets to go back to work for the 1st time. Funny how you never realize how much working is a part of your life until you can't do it anymore.
He's really enjoying having visitors! Tara, Besty and her family were able to come visit. Her son Henry is taking after his uncle and hates hospitals lol

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 61, Diane

Scott is tube free!
This evening his J/G tube (feeding tube) was taken out of his stomach. Yay no more dealing with the tube hanging down from his stomach.

He had 1 & 1/2 hours for PT today which went really well. He's working on coordination while standing. In OT he played a game of solitaire...with real cards lol. In ST she's still working on scanning and making sure his able to process well. She had a bunch of pictures of house, yard, & garage tools and then asked questions about them. Finally something fun for Scott to do. The therapists have all been really good at finding fun ways for him to get through the boring parts of rehab. They really have been great!
It's all just one step closer to getting out of this place, even if it's just for an hour. We're hoping soon he'll be able to add an outing as part of therapy...maybe DQ for a tasty treat... it's just next door.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 60, Diane

Yesterday was a nice and relaxed day. He had an hour of PT & then spent a lot of time resting from the weeks work. Coby and I spent some time just chillin while he slept and Cora was at a birthday party close by. It was lots of fun... I love watching iCarly with the Coby!
I actually attended the Saturday morning class I teach at the YMCA and well I now sympathize with Scott when he's legs shake so bad he can't do any more. It's been well over a year since I've pushed myself to the I can't squat any lower because my legs just wont do it!

He's been able to rest a lot today as well with not having any therapies on Sundays. This is a good thing because he is scheduled to meet with a GI doctor about his feeding tube. It has been in over 6 weeks and now the scare tissue is built up enough to take it out. We do not know for sure if it will come out however. He is new to this hospital and the doctor will have to meet with him take a look at it and then they will access if it comes out tomorrow or another day. That's fine he's scheduled for 1 & 1/2 hours of PT tomorrow along with OT & ST. WoW tomorrow will be a big day for him. I will be sure to post the happenings of the day tomorrow night .

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 58, Diane

Yesterday was busy because Coby & Cora believed they had to come and help again in therapy. This time they were a little more distracting than helpful, but this is a good thing. Part of Scott's rehabilitation is learning how to have them in the mix. The best part was how much harder he worked today not having any distratcions. Where as yesterday the therapy gym was full of therapists with patients, today it was only Scott, Sandy and me for PT. He is now walking to the gym. It's one floor up and a bit of a walk to get there:) Once in the gym he got on a recumbent bike with the goal of 5 minutes. At 5 minutes she asked can you make a mile, OK. At a mile he felt good and he decided to go for 10 minutes! After this he had to run through a series of bridges, abs, push ups, & lunges. She then added a 6lb ball to the lunges adding a twist at the waist. WOW he worked so hard all to walk back to his room.
In ST she asked is there a project at home you'd like to do soon? He said yeah build a shed. She asked him to explain from start to finish what it would take to accomplish this task. He first made a joke but then began explaining the processes. He listed all the materials he'd have to buy, then how he'd start with the foundation, moving on the the walls, the roof, explaining each in detail of what he would have to do to build it like wall post 16 inches apart on center. The detail he was able to give her was amazing. He does have some left side neglect, meaning he sees but doesn't interpret things off to his left side peripheral vision. But so much is still right there!

We have been talking a lot about this process and how he feels like there's no progress. Yeah in his view, great I did 10 minutes on the bike today, I use to do full hour 'spin' classes after playing a hour of recquetball!
Once upon a time I taught group cycling and will again someday:) So I'll share the analogy I gave Scott. This experience has been like a 'spin' class, because as an instructor I try to describe what you would be doing if, well outside on a real bike. We started on a major roller coaster with huge ups and downs (ICU). We then moved to the rolling hills, a little up a little down but nothing to major (medical floor). Now we're on the long steady mountain climb (rehab). This part is the hardest in a class. You barley feel like you're progressing but oh so slowly as you add a little, you're legs start to tell you no we're doing somethings here. The best part is by the end you're legs are burning with the resistance you've been able to add. His road feels flat right now, but I can see the gradual incline and each day it's a little more. By the end when we're standing on the top of this crazy mountain I call "living in hospitals suck" we'll both see how far we've come and our mind, body, & souls will ache with joy over what we have accomplished!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 56, Diane

Today was an interesting day. I'm not sure if it's because he slept better or what but every therapist commented on how well he has been doing. Even I could see a visible difference in PT & OT (I missed ST today). His steps are a little bigger and his feet are a little farther apart. His balance is coming slow & steady, and he has some perception fields to work on... He still has a long way to go but it is great to see visual progress.

With the 1st week here down, he's defiantly enjoying when people come to visit. He still gets tired easily; living in a rehab center is boring and that 6 &1/2 weeks in bed was killer on the body. His therapy schedules change each day, but a quick visit is always nice. He has lunch at noon and dinner at 5pm so he's always in his room then. The Medical Center is pretty open on visitors, feel free to stop in when it works in your schedule between 10am-8pm. Room 349 at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center's, Hospital just as a reminder because well, I didn't know it was here :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 55, Diane

The doctors and social worker meet on Tuesdays and review patients progress to see if they are on target with the goals the therapists set for the patient. For Scott it's basically full recovery in time. Scott's Doctor, Dr. Gross originally expected him to be here for 3 weeks. The social worker said he is progressing very well but he still in need of another week of rehab. I asked, originally the goal was 3 weeks, are we on track for that? She informed me that while they only talk about the coming week, they do believe with his progression 3 weeks is a good target. I don't know exactly when they would release him, but we're HOPING for the week of June 14th.
So what's the next step?
He will be in out-patient rehab next. I don't know all the details other than he'll be home and still coming in for rehab appointments with each of the 3 therapists. As always more information to come :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 54, Diane

The kids got to be Scott's therapists this holiday weekend.
Ok they weren't the only ones, the therapists worked some too :)

On Sunday the kids helped me with getting Scott ready for the day before church, then after church we went walking with him and did 'homework' pages from ST. On Monday the kids had fun with friends in the morning & evening, spending the day with dad. Tracie came for ST. Scott was able to work with her even with the kids playing in his room, they helped some. It's nice knowing the speech therapist and having the kids help him because of the 3 this is his least favorite... Sorry Tracie lol.

I have to say this week has been a reality check for me. I am sleeping at the hospital with Scott again. After 6 & 1/2 weeks of being by Scott's side 24/7 (OK OK I left the hospital some, about 72 hours in total) the 3 nights away were not easey for either of us. We decided for a faster recovery, I should be here to help Scott if anything was needed at night. Thank you to grandma's for helping with kids! Scott's mom had the kids during the week, and my mom had them most weekends while we were at Swedish. My grandma is now here staying at our house with the kids at night. Coby & Cora need their mom, so with my grandma's help, I get to be mom and wife. Scott and I truely are blessed!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 52 Update

I finally got to see Booger in his new room today! When we pulled up to the hospital, Jack asked us, 'Oh, they moved the hospital?'. We had to tell him that it's a different hospital. I think he was pretty concerned about not going back to the 'old' cafeteria.

Anyways, Scott was sleeping when we got to his room and within about 5 minutes, OT was there to work with him. It was pretty interesting to see what they had him do. First, he got up and went into the bathroom. She put numbers and letters on the wall (the bathroom wall was the only blank wall thanks to all your letters and cards to him!!!) and had him point with his left and right fingers to the letters. She said this worked on his vision and makes him scan with his eyes for things. After that he sat on the edge of the bed and she worked with his muscles by doing exercises like reaching and stretching.

It was really good seeing him, especially since I hadn't seen him in over a week. I know I haven't been posting as much but then again, I'm not there as often to see him with my own eyes. It's a great thing to have him in Wenatchee though. Back home where family and friends can come see him. Even if all you've got is 5 minutes, I know he'd appreciate your visits.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 51, Diane

I guess I should just mention that Scott and I are working on doing the daily posts now. Basically he tells me what to report about and it goes up in my words... which usually means books, too bad for you lol!

Today was a good day, there's lots to share! I had Coby skip school so him and Cora could see what therapy is like for Scott. I have had to change plans on the kids everyday since we have been home. I feel horrible about it and even worse, I know that it will happen again... So I decided they need to understand why this happens. I'm not one to shield my kids from reality. Scott and I have always taught them that each family is different. All parents set different rules and allow/don't allow different things, so why would I shield them form the reality of Scott's situation. I need them to know that after a shower, getting cloths on and brushing teeth, he is so tired he has to sleep for awhile. I wanted them to see that where he use to go to the Y for over an hour to workout, he now can barley stretch or even walk down the hall and when he's done he is back in bed. It was a great experience for them to see and Scott loved having them here. The therapists were the best each finding ways to involve the kids, which helped so much.
Occupational Therapy: After getting ready, we worked on arm exercises. Me, Coby and Cora all stood around the bed and did them too. The kids got extra exercises to do while Scott rested. The best was Cora's push ups in her red cowgirl boots!
Physical Therapy: Scott did a lot of stretching/stabilizing exercises. It was funny how many of them I do in the Power Toning class I taught...once upon a time.... The kids got to help in a resistance exercise. Coby did great just the right amount of resistance. Cora however thought it was a 'let's see how strong I am' and used all her weight. The kids really liked PT because today was therapy dog day, so there was a pug to play with. There was also a patient earlier that had the wii fit out so the kids go to use it.
Speech Therapy was the best for me. Today was work sheets day, no fun but... Coby climbed up in the bed with Scott and learned how to cue him on finding things he may have looked over. He has neglect on the left side along with the vision issues. So he has to often be prompted to look all the way to the left of the paper. It was so fun to have Coby looking over his dad's shoulder at his 'school work'. They were so cute....crap how did I miss getting a picture of that? Oh well she left homework for Scott and made copies for the kids to work on it with him. The funniest was when Scott was doing addition problems. Coby says "dad you got that one wrong" and Scott saying "no I didn't". Then Coby looks again and says, "oh I looked at the number wrong. You're right." Scott's says, "Oh you're just trying to prove me wrong"
I have a feeling I'll hear that phrase often in the coming years when Coby's a teenager :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 50, Diane

Let's see what to report today...
Occupational Therapy is still working on getting ready for the day.
Physical Therapy did the full balance test today. He got around 30 points he needs 45 points to get off of fall risk status. the goal is to get to 56 points that is the number to be functioning at pre-injury level.
Speech Therapy is full of tests. Scott is starting off in a good place mentally. He is a little slow to answer but his answers are right on! Some of the things he had a hard time with were things I had a hard time with lol.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 49, Diane

Scott is going to be working hard to get home fast that's for sure!
He made it through 3 hours of therapy with flying colors. It was hard work though.

Occupational Therapy: had him get ready for the day. They were assessing how well he can do normal getting ready things on his own. She said that he is starting in a really good place. He was able to do almost everything on his own and with very little queuing.

Physical Therapy: He went up to the gym to work. 1st I got past off on helping him to the bathroom any time I'm there visiting. This entailed her walking with him showing me what to do. Then Scott and I walking to the bathroom. It was not close. After this he went over to this little stepper. He was able to do 40 steps with one break. It was pretty heavy resistance, i tried it out too. Then after a small break it he did a balance test. Weight on one leg while moving the other front to back and side to side. His range of movement is small and his left side is defiantly weaker. I did not get a result from this test. As far as I'm concerned he did much better then I would expect given his injury.

Speech Therapy: Once he was back in his room he started the tests on his memory. It was a lot of questions like: How many days are in a week? name them. How many months in a year? Name them. What holiday is in this month? Then it was scenarios: What would you do first in the situation at home? Theses answers came slower but they came and they were always good answers. Of course I didn't get a answer to where he is based on this test, but he is SO MUCH better than what the doctors prepared us for. Of course doctors always give worst case, but given how much he went through I really expected some kind of major brain issue.

Once again, I truly believe all the friends & family we have following this situation that have been praying and sending uplifting thoughts our way, have made the difference in how Scott has recovered. I can never say Thank You Enough!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 48, Diane

Well I'm sitting here in the Wenatchee Valley Hospital. I didn't actually know that the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center was also a Hospital.
Physical Therapy (PT) was here and waiting when he came in. Once he was settled, she began working the range of motion in his legs. A little bit later he was up and walking without a walker (a person on each side helping of course) He did great! He's walking even talker today than yesterday.
Occupational Therapy (OP) worked on upper body & coordination.
Speech Therapy (SP) checked him over to see that he is eating well.
By this time he was beyond exhausted! They all had lots of questions to help set goals for his therapies. Each therapy has tests they'll run him through this week to see where is currently is and what they need to do to get him on with life. He is really going to be working while he's here!

Visitors: He is in room #349. Come in through the doors at the Emergency Room & Hospital, use elevators at the back wall up to the 3rd level. Check in desk is off to the right.
As much as he's excited to be in Wenatchee and wants to see people, therapy is kicking him in the face. We are asking that only family comes during this week, but starting Saturday, he's taking visitors any day between 10am- 7pm. The hospital asks that if he's in therapy, while we are welcome to watch, we are not welcome to interrupt. Sundays are a great day for visits, it is a day of rest even at the hospital:)
We both are extremely over joyed to be back in Wenatchee! The next step is Scott at home with me and the kids.
Thank you for all your love, support and continued prayers! I could not have done this without each of you! Knowing there were so many people who care about Scott lifted me up & kept me going through this whole experience...It's not over though. Scott has lost around 30lbs and it is mostly muscle! He has a long & slow road to complete recovery ahead.

Bye Bye Swedish....Hello Wenatachee!!!

It's official....they are heading to Wenatchee right now! Scott will go to an acute rehab center by the Wenatchee Valley Clinic. I'm not sure of the exact location, so I'll post that later. He had to ride in a cabulance, since he does still need medical attention. Diane gets to follow in their car. The rehab center wanted him there by noon. So exciting that he'll be closer to home now for the duration of his recovery!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 47 Update, Diane

It is official. Wenatchee Valley Medical Center Acute Rehabilitation has accepted Scott and we are heading home in the morning!

I can't believe it's finally here! We're leaving Swedish Cherry Hill Hospital after 6 & 1/2 weeks of in-patient care. Wow no wonder his insurance was so helpful in approving an out of network rehab center in our home town... Whatever you want just leave the hospital lol...my thoughts exactly!

3 not so happy, but not so bad things:

1st - the JG tube/feeding tube stays in until June 3rd. They want it in the full 6 weeks to be sure the scare tissue has built up enough that no stomach acid can escape into his body... Ok good reason to keep it.

2nd - He has to go to Wenatchee in a cabulance. He is very unhappy about this because he remembers the ride over. Not a pleasant memory...massive head pain mixed with a bumpy ride from snow covered roads.

3rd - I will no longer be at his side 24/7. This will be a huge adjustment for both of us! But the kids will be able to see him daily instead of weekly.

So HOORAY... 'Cause he's leaving in a cabulance, don't know when he'll be back again, oh babe I don't hate to go! Leaving Swedish Hospital!
(I hope you read this with a the 'leaving on a jet plane' song in your head cuz it's in mine!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 46 Update, Diane

A lot of things have been happening for Scott since he's whole again.
He's eating real food! No more nasty looking tube feeding liquid. Let's see what has he had: toast, bagels, turkey, potatoes (mashed & roasted red), applesauce, pudding, pancakes...his favorite things are the milkshakes with protein, chocolate, strawberry & vanilla all are great. He has atleast 2 a day. How fun it that, wanting high calorie foods so tasty. He also drinks about 4 cranberry juice/lemon lime mixes a day. It's like a cranberry lime aid...Oh so tasty!
As long as he can maintain good calorie intake through the weekend, he'll be getting the feeding tube out tomorrow. No problem there, now that he can eat, I'm having fun getting him to eat all he can.

His PICC line will be coming out today. I don't know if we ever talked about this line. He's had it since April 9th. It's basically an IV going into the major vain that stops right before the heart. They are able to draw blood from this very easily and give all IV meds. Unlike the begining, it is not being used much now so they are taking it out. Because any thing going into the body is a source of infection and if they can take it out they do. YAY all the tubes he's had for so long are finally coming out.

Today Scott got OKed leave the room in a wheelchair! Occupational Therapy came in did some stretches with him and took him up to their Acute rehab center to look around. While we were up there Physical Therapy took him to walk down the hall and then work on posture with the parallel bars and a mirror. He is moving so much better now that his head is whole. He is still shaky and it is very hard to stand up straight but he is improving everyday.
He has not sustained much if any at all, cognitive damage from this injury. This is a huge! His biggest challenges will be his body. He does have a slight difference in strength on the left side. But it is minimal from what the doctors told us to except. He also has to recover from being in bed for 5 weeks. He has lost a lot of muscle mass and although he is stronger than I expected, he still tires easily.

With so many steps forward, I can feel the end of our hospital stay coming soon. Hopefully we'll have that info early this week. We have to wait for the doctors, insurance company and rehab centers to see his progress this weekend, get an OK to advance, and find out where that will be :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 43 Update

Scott was moved from the ICU to his old room late this morning. He had a pretty good night thanks to some pain meds. He's having some pain in his jaw because they actually had to tighten his jaw muscles. After his flap came out, those muscles became looser and looser, so they have to tighten them back up. He said that his jaw muscle (up by his temple) is painful and also his head. He's swollen on the right side of his head, which is to be expected after all they did in there.

Despite the pain he was having last night and while I was there today, he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. I think there's quite a bit of relief to know that he's put back together again.

Diane said that he was able to sign his name on the surgery permission slip...this is great! His fine motor skills are really good. He was able to drink and eat soft foods today also.

The physical therapy specialists came into his room this morning, ready to get going, and he wasn't up for it because of his pain. I was surprised they wanted to get him up and moving so fast. Obviously, they know that the sooner he does physical therapy and the more he does it, the better and faster he will heal. I'm looking forward to seeing him use his walker since I haven't seen that yet. I keep teasing him about getting a couple tennis balls for it. I really should get a horn and an orange flag too! Ha! Since he wasn't using it today, my 15 month old son, Henry, had a wonderful time with it. :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Noggin

It's official....Scott's got a new look tonight. The surgery went really well, the fit was perfect, and he's doing good. He was in a lot of pain after surgery, so they had to give him some pain meds. But, it was nice to see him come out of surgery with no ventilator in. No IV meds except straight saline. It was nice to know he was able to wake up and talk after surgery. What a difference from last time. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for him today. Let's hope for a relaxing night and a wonderful day tomorrow!!


Post Surgery Update

I don't have a lot of info for you but can say he's in recovery right now. The doctor told Diane on the phone that the flap was a perfect fit. He was going into CT and then recovery for about an hour. That was about 30 mins ago. Then he'll be in the ICU overnight for observation. We can't wait to see him!!!!


Flap Today!!!

Scott's in surgery right now. They took him down about 12:30 and they said it takes about 1 1/2 hours. He was nervous about having this done but I think he was in pretty good spirits beforehand. It was good to see him before surgery and we're all just sitting here waiting. I'll let everyone know more in a couple hours.